Art Over the Ocean 

Art Over the Ocean is an artistic collaboration marrying the multi-media creative processes of Yolantha Harrison-Pace (USA) and Knut Kargel (Germany). Each artist brought their own culturally unique and innovative genius to the creative drawing board and in spite of the challenge of "an ocean between us" they developed a smorgasborg of art that invites an entire global community to the table to wine and dine and whet his and her artistic appetites.

Art Over The Ocean is a transforming, and thought provoking experience as its audiences partake of the haunting exhibits of German artist, Knut Kargel and the no holds barred poetry of American author Yolantha Harrison Pace.

Painter Knut Kargel is committed to reducing, refusing, reusing and recycling through transforming everyday consumer plastics into paintings and artistic creations in a unique process called "melts"; Literary Artist and Poet, Yolantha Harrison-Pace partners as an environmental advocate and thought provoking wordsmith. Together, inspite of the vast complexity of environmental problems their artistry challenges that "through simple alterations in man's behavior and a commitment to care, individuals can make choices that will produce a community of change."

"I Need More Scars"
scar tissue is
the best way
to wipe away
ones tears